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If you need to hire party equipment, you’ll find everything you need at Royal Party Avenue. For party equipment rental from bounce house rentals to outdoor tents, we offer all the classic party rentals to host a great party. Depending on the type of event, we’ve got you covered from kid’s parties to weddings.


Outdoor Events

Be it a classic outdoor wedding, a corporate lunch, or a relaxed wine tasting, an outdoor event usually requires a covered area for guests to mingle and dine. Credit Repair can provide tent rentals in various sizes to suit any event. The most popular are:

Bounce Houses

Throwing a big kids party often means lots of party equipment rental to organize. Royal Party Avenue makes it easy to find all you need for a fun kid party.

No kids party is complete without an inflatable bounce house to keep active kids busy. We offer various bounce house rentals from small fun houses to large castles with a choice of open sides or enclosed with a ceiling for better safety.

Food Machines


Peg and pole tents feature one or more center poles to prop up the top of the tent, and they are secured to the ground with ropes and stakes. Pole tents are ideal for a relaxed function but work just as well for a more formal event. The advantage is that they are less expensive and easier to erect than other tent rentals.

Tables / Chairs





Contact Us to Book Your Party Equipment

Whether you’re throwing a party at your home or at a venue, contact us for classic party rentals. Reserve your party equipment early to avoid the disappointment of it being booked for another event. Now you have everything you need for a rocking party.

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